Hand-Crafted Jewelry From New Orleans Comes To The Kennedy Center

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Hand-Crafted Jewelry From New Orleans Comes To The Kennedy Center

ReStrung is a new line of hand-crafted jewelry and artwork created with recycled guitar strings from some of the South's most talented musicians. Founded in 2011 by artist and New Orleans native Naomi Celestin. It's a fusion of her biggest passions - art, music and giving back to the community.

Celestin got the idea to make jewelry with guitar strings after looking at some old strings at a musician friend's house. She began experimenting until she came up with a technique to make forms with the strings, and that led to endless designs that incorporated her signature wire-work, used guitar strings, semi-precious gemstones and recycled metal and glass items.

The guitar strings are donated by the musicians of Louisiana. These strings come from a variety of instruments and are composed of a variety of metals. They are either broken, worn-out, or sometimes simply unused by the artist. The strings are cleaned and polished to get them looking shiny and new before the design work begins.

ReStrung’s artistisans scour local flea markets, yard sales and junk shops for quality vintage materials, such as vintage branch coral, turquoise, pearls and other stones that can be used in their designs. They seek to repurpose old, broken and unwanted jewelry, metal plate-ware, silverware, and more.

As for Celestin’s wish to give back to her community, she found a way to support Louisiana's cultural economy, as a portion of ReStrung’s profits benefit The New Orleans Musicians Assistance Foundation, which supports The New Orleans Musicians Clinic.

These are the items you can find online at the Kennedy Center:

HandPicked Collection These necklaces are made with upcycled guitar picks fashioned out of vintage tea trays and platters. Each “pick” is one of a kind. Set on an 18" gold filled chain or sterling silver chain and featuring two guitar string top beads - perfect for the music lover in your life.

Briolettes These elegant hoop earrings are for any occasions. Made with recycled guitar strings from New Orleans musicians with a dangling gemstone (Moonstone, Amethyst, Turquoise, Chalcedony or Tourmalated Quartz) briolette on each guitar string hoop. Set on hypo-allergenic lead and nickel free ear wire.

Eternity Bracelet ReStrung's Eternity Bracelets are made with soft deerskin leather and recycled guitar strings donated by talented musicians from Louisiana and beyond. Bohemian chic at its best with available colors of chocolate brown, carmel, black, red, turquoise, or mustard. Since they self-tie they adjust perfectly to any size wrist.

Gemstone Bangles Mix and match these dainty bangle bracelets made with recycled guitar string and ethically-sourced gemstones. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted in ReStrung’s New Orleans Studio. The gemstone nuggets make great gifts to commemorate a memorable evening at the Kennedy Center, as a birthday gift with selected birthstones or as a Mother’s Day gift. Start with one and add to the collection each time you come to the Kennedy Center. Available in small, medium and large sizes.