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The REACH Is Coming To The Kennedy Center!

Have you heard of the REACH? At the Kennedy Center?

Perhaps you’ve noticed the construction project at the south end of the Kennedy Center campus. Or the new bridge to the Potomac River. On Saturday, September 7, 2019, all will be revealed with the support of local, national, and international artists performing throughout the day. This includes dancers, actors, singers, musicians, writers, composers, visual artists, culinary experts, teachers, DJs, emcees, diverse arts & culture groups, local personalities — even a huge inflatable pigeon! The Kennedy Center’s REACH will collectively engage all of your senses, making the REACH Washington, DC’s new home for creativity in action.

With the opening of the REACH, the folks at the Kennedy Center are building on years of transforming the Center into DC’s most interactive and inspiring arts and culture destination, where everyone truly belongs. The REACH will become your favorite hangout spot where you, your friends, and your family can relax and be a part of something entertaining, enlightening, and perhaps even unexpected every day of the year.Across the expanded campus, it’s all about making connections

The REACH gives you the freedom to immerse yourself in the creation of art in real time. So, starting in September, jump on in, get up close, ask questions, dig deeper, touch it, feel it, challenge it, respond to it. Feel empowered, renewed, and ready to take action, knowing art and culture are ultimately what you make it.

In an age where inclusivity, transparency, interactivity, and accessibility are more vital to understanding the world, each other, and ourselves than ever before, we all need a place that breaks down the boundaries between those who “create” and those who “observe.” The REACH is where the audience, the artist, and the art itself can be one and the same, simultaneously informing and transforming the other.

The coming of the REACH inspired the Kennedy Center to take on a new logo. See it in the new branded items available in the gift shops and on-line.

Click here for details about the Opening Festival at the REACH, September 7, 2019, and here for the following Festival Days, September 8-22, 2019.

Fly through the REACH in this video

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