The Art of Movement

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The Art of Movement: NYC Dance Project by Ken Browar and Deborah Ory is a masterpiece and a loving tribute to the art of ballet. The photos capture the passion, majesty, beauty, and glory of stellar contemporary ballet dancers. The images are exquisite and naturally enhance the beauty and form of the dancers in motion by capturing them at the perfect arc of the movement. The book is a must have for all fans of ballet.


Quote: Absolutely breathtaking photos! Great quotes. The book itself is larger than I anticipated, but once I opened it up, I gasped at the brilliance of the images and I’m glad they are full size! I love a coffee table book that has more to look at than read, and this is perfectly proportioned. A wonderful collaboration of artists, this gorgeous book is a must for any photography or dance enthusiast!


Quote: Gorgeous book by Ken Browar and his wife, Deborah Ory. The shots are otherworldly, some captured with the dancer seemingly in flight by way of imaginary wings. Lines, colors, everything and everyone in this book is beautiful and will make your eyes and soul happy.


  • Hardcover: 304 pages